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Hello everyone and brides to be!

Hope you all are doing great!  Today is a great day to talk about wedding shoes, why?  Because sometimes we fall in love with a certain shoe and the truth is that probably that shoe is not too appropriate for YOUR wedding day :(.  Let me give you an example; if you are getting married at the beach, is it appropriate to wear super high heels?  Of course not! {even thought some of you will do it ;)}.  If you are getting married at the beach the appropriate shoes would probably be sandals, flip flops, wedges, barefoot, flats, etc. [you’re getting my point] :).  Now, let me give you few tips to help you pick the best type of shoes for your wedding.  Like I said, these are tips, but if you want to wear those super high heels for your beach wedding be my guest! :D.

1. COMFORT – Remember something, you will be wearing  your shoes from very early in the morning to probably late night.  Shoes designed for weddings have additional padding for that purpose, so do not make the mistake of buying cheap shoes that will make you scream the first few hours on that special day of yours.

2. COST – I know, I know.  All of us are on a very tight budget :(.  Let me give you an advice, if you are on a tight budget and the wedding shoes on your local area are very expensive, go online and find a wedding shoe retailer.  Usually these online wedding shoes retailers have discount up to 75% off.  Just make sure you get a WEDDING SHOE for the extra padding and comfort.

3. COLOUR – We have two types of brides: the Different One and the Traditional One.  Usually the Different Bride would like to dye her shoes of the bridesmaids dress colour, or would dye them blue for the something blue to make them stand out.  The Traditional Bride usually want to ensure that her shoes are the exact wedding dress colour.

4. FITTING – Dear bride to be, when you do the dress fitting, you NEED your wedding shoes for the dress maker to take the dress hem correctly.  So pleaseeeeee, order your shoes on time because it could take a while for them to come. SUPER IMPORTANT 😀

5. HIGH OR LOW –  For your wedding day wear the height that you usually wear on a daily basis.  So, if you normally wear 3 – 4 inches heels and feel comfortable with that; That’s Great ;)!  But if you use on a daily basis very low shoes, stick to that too; there are beautiful wedding shoes on the market that are flat, have kitty heels, are low platform that will look beautiful on you.

6. TYPE OF WEDDING – Like I said at the beginning if you are having a beach wedding consider flip flops or even wedges so the sink less in the sand.  Also, for example if you are having a winter wedding you might consider an ankle boot to keep yourself warm.  Just think about what type of wedding you are going to have to pick the best wedding shoes for that occasion.

7. AFTER PARTY – Want to wear your wedding shoes more that one time?  You might consider having them dye black or other neutral colour. 🙂


Puerto Rico Wedding Dreams


{Weekly Quote #1} – Puerto Rico Wedding Dreams

Puerto Rico Wedding Dreams

I really like today’s quote because it talks about forgiving.  {Forget} means to excuse for a fault or an offense; to pardon. In marriage love, passion, commitment, understanding, etc. are important factors for it to function.  But if you do not know how to forgive, marriage could be in danger.  Marriage is the union of two loveable; but very different people.  Just the word different means to have different opinions, believes, traditions, culture, etc.  So, if you are planning your wedding right now, be a good forgiver and that special union will last a very long time.

Happy Saturday!!

Puerto Rico Wedding Dreams


Hello Everyone!

Today I am going to talk about PLUS-SIZE BRIDE DRESSES.  Personally, I am a plus size and I recently got married in November 17th, 2012.  Thankfully I was not a BRIDEZILLA [hahaha ;)], but it was not easy to find a place that had plus size dresses to try it on.  In a lot of places here in Puerto Rico they say that they have plus-size dresses, but when you actually go to the store the only thing that they could do for you is measure you body and order the dress, but nothing available for you to try it on; which is really bad because all of us beautiful plus size women have different body types.

Anyhow, in this post I am going to talk about tips when getting a bridal dress for the plus size bride.  Let’s be real, most wedding dresses aren’t made with plus-size girls in mind. I know there are a lot more options than there used to be, but the reality is, length and embellishments of most modern gowns are designed for slimmer figures.  Any bride, regardless of size, can find her ideal dress — she just has to know what to look for. To help you find the perfect plus-size dress, we’ll explain how straps and sleeves can be used to gain a slimmer silhouette and why wearing a full-skirted dress may give your body a perfect shape.


1. Choose the right materials

If you’re a plus-size bride, it’s important to choose a material that flatters your body. Fabrics that are easily ruched (ribbed, creased, folded, pleated or laced) such as silk dupioni, satin and taffeta, look great on fuller frames because they conceal imperfections and disguise heavier areas. Stay away from beaded materials and appliquéd details as they’ll most likely end up enhancing those spots you’d prefer eyes to avoid.

2. Use what you’ve got

You’ve got curves, so use them! Many plus-size women choose dresses with V-neck or sweetheart necklines that cover the décolleté but still call attention to their figures. Don’t be afraid to show off a little bit more if you’re comfortable doing so, but beware of plunging necklines, as they have a tendency to make you appear top-heavy and rounded.

3. Wear straps or sleeves

Strapless gowns may be in vogue, but most plus-size brides should beware this style, which tends to accentuate and widen shoulders and arms. Luckily, most bridal shops can add sleeves or straps to any dress, so you’re not stuck with what’s available on the showroom floor.

When selecting sleeves or straps, make sure the material doesn’t squeeze or bind your arms, shoulder or back. Avoid sleeves that start puffy and end smooth or fitted, as they have tendency to make arms look bigger. Instead, choose short capped or lacy sleeves, or a light, long-sleeved jacket that can be worn over the dress. If you’re getting married in the fall or winter months, you can opt for a classic bell-sleeved wedding dress

4. Find the right skirt

Perhaps the most important aspect of any plus-size bride’s dress is the skirt. Choose a gown with a full-skirt or an A-line skirt with an empire or a dropped-waist seam that will elongate your midriff and flow away from your hips. This will give your body a curvy, smooth shape that all your female guests will envy.

5. Don’t be bullied

This is your wedding, your dress and, regardless of your size, you should never have to settle. Salesclerks may try to convince you to select a gown that’s less than flattering because it fits and they have it in stock, but you should hold out until you find something you really want.

Take a few friends with you to get some honest feedback and opinions, and don’t be afraid to call ahead and ask what sizes are carried in a store before you make the trek over there. Numerous bridal shops are looking for your business, so don’t give up until you find that perfect dress!

[TLC Advices]

Puerto Rico Wedding Dreams


{Dresses by www.igigi.com}

Puerto Rico Weddings - Plus Size Bride


10 DIY wedding backdrops. Here is another example of something I wish i had paid a little more attention to before the wedding. Wedding backdrops are amazing, they look so fun in pictures and they double as beautiful wedding decor. You can use backdrops behind the cake table, for the reception, the ceremony or even for a photobooth. Anyway you look at it having a wedding backdrop is a good idea. Here are 10 wedding backdrops that you can make.

1. Lovely Lights – How stunning is this picture? I love the strings of white lights that make up this wedding backdrop. This picture is a perfect reason to hang onto your holiday lights. 

2. Regal Ribbon – Ribbon backdrops are so pretty and best of all they are a cinch to do. All you need is ribbon, and something to tie the ribbon to, like a pipe, clothesline, tree or even just a long string.

3. Fantastic Frames This backdrop is a collection of vintage picture frames hung with string or fishing wire. And the result is pretty fun. You can always rent frames from a vendor like The Ritzy Rose, which is actually where these frames are from.

4. Perfect Paper – I love this backdrop because not only is it so creative it can fully be customized. All you need is an oversized canvas, such as butcher paper,drawing paper etc. And then use ink to write your favorite quotes, your vows, whatever you like.

5. Feeling Flags. Flag banners are very in right now. String a couple together and voila perfect wedding backdrop. You can check out this tutorial from Offbeat Bride for your DIY flag banner 

6. Lady Lace– Lace is back. Lace wedding dresses are huge as arelace bridesmaid dresses. Hang a few pieces of lacy material, even lace tablecloths (like my grandmother used to have) and make a soft sweet lacey wedding backdrop. 

7. Stunning Streamers– Streamers have never looked so good. Want to get this wedding backdrop? 100 layer cake has a great DIY tutorial for DIY streamer wedding backdrops

8. Fabulous Fabric. How soft and romantic is this fabric wedding backdrop made from tied pieces of fabric. Sarah hearts has a DIY fabric wedding backdrop or if you’d rather not DIY you can always order it from Etsy vendor wedding lush.

9. Binding Books– Even pages of old books all modge podged together makes for a fun wedding backdrop. And it is a great way to recycle vintage books.

10. Charming Chalkboards – Ah how i love chalkboards. I’m sure it has to do with my teaching days. This custom chalk creation is by Dana Tanamachi. Pretty amazing right?

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